I remember being in awe. It was May of 1991, I was a twelve year old kid, in sixth grade, and we went down to NYC on a school field trip. It was my first time there, and the whole journey was amazing. New York might as well been a vision from another universe to my young eyes. Out of all the amazing sights, though, one of the unforgettable highlights was standing on the observation deck of the World Trade Center. You could just see out into forever... like that horizon would stretch out and never end...   Continue reading

American Dream

America, for all its complexity, is fundamentally an idea: we are all endowed by our creator with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Generations have come here and built an amazing country because our nation has stood for the opportunity to live free and enjoy those rights. Nothing epitomizes that hope more than young people who've come to this country seeking that opportunity.  Continue reading

It Begins!

What an exciting day! I picked up my nomination papers from the City of Malden, and I am kicking off my campaign! It will be an uphill battle against a well connected and savvy opponent, but I firmly believe the people of this ward, and this city, deserve representation that will look out for their best interests!