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A Voice for Our Community


“I am running for Ward 6 City Councilor because I want to be a voice for our community. I believe that our city government should be open, accessible and responsive to every member of our community, and as Councilor I will fight to make that vision a reality. Over the course of this campaign, I want to meet with as many Ward 6 residents as I can to hear their concerns and share our message of a proactive and responsive government that works for all of us.”

David Camell


Camell_FB_Profile.pngDavid Camell is a Maplewood homeowner and professional engineer with experience managing teams and projects in both mechanical and energy engineering. He and his wife Jenna have two young sons who will start at Malden Public Schools in the next few years. David has lived in Malden for fourteen years, and chose to start his family here because of the strength and warmth of the community.

When elected, David will hold regular office hours and be accessible to all Ward 6 residents. He is a strong believer in a proactive and collaborative approach to addressing big challenges in our community, and wants every resident’s voice to be heard.

The preliminary election for Ward 6 City Council is Tuesday, September 19, 2017. The general election is Tuesday, November 7, 2017.



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